Friday, 29 May 2015

When Will Headteachers Make a Stand?

Given that schools are generally led by very capable people, does anyone know why school leaders are unable to influence government policy?
When leading a school, a good headteacher will have a strategy and a plan for delivering success. Why does it seem that state education blows in the wind of political dogma? Are headteachers just too nice? Are they so good at fixing problems that they are happy to accept any old baloney from a politician. Or are they resigned to being the whipping boys?
It’s a genuine question. Why do headteachers have such little influence on how the country’s education policy is developed? What would it take for them to say “enough is enough”?
Maybe state school headteachers are happy with what is done to them and their teachers, and it is true that there are all these incompetents running state schools whilst brilliant unqualified people are running independent schools. I guess that’s what the Daily Mail reading general public are led to believe, and it seems no-one is going to challenge that view.

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