Monday, 1 June 2015

England's New Total Academy System 2020

Are you a teacher? You are a failure. Right? Your school is coasting. Right?

There is a way to fix this.

The UK Government will transform education in England. This fix is not an experimental new idea because it has already been tried in the good ole USA.

To help you understand how this is going to work, here is an animated feature starring little Timmy.

Timmy, likes his state school.
(Readers please note: In the USA they strangely call state schools "public school" whereas in the UK we know that public schools are not for the public).

Timmy gets a lesson in corporate education reform, starting with the mantra "Public Schools have failed." (The Bradley Foundation, a top rightwing think tank, has devoted more than $30 million to label public education as "failing" and promote privatization as the "solution.")
(Readers please note: Whenever something is completely bonkers, politicians always say the idea came from a "think tank".)

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