Friday, 18 September 2015

The Madness of Life After Levels

Some see the removal of the national system of levels in England, as empowering teachers and schools. After all the teachers can now do their own thing. Can't they?
I think it is a disaster and I cannot see how experienced professionals have gone along with this ill thought out plan. (Plan is really too strong a word for what is a shambolic thought experiment where the thought is missing.)
With 25,000 schools in the country we are going to have 25,000 different systems. When a student moves from one school to another who is going to bother reading about the previous school's system to work out where that student is performing? When a secondary school has 30 feeder primaries how is the data from the primaries going to make sense?

 Complete madness.

I feel ashamed of the teaching profession for allowing politicians to visit this chaos upon them. What is the point of NAHT and ASCL if they cannot prevent stupidity like this? How many thousands of working man-hours will be wasted with every school having to invent their own system?

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