Thursday, 25 February 2016

The Road to Educational Success

Schools Week Reports here that "CfBT Schools Trust pulls sponsorship from three failing schools"
First we had grammar schools where you selected the most able and thereby were able to demonstrate your school was academically better than the rest. Success!

With Comprehensive education all students had to be catered for but one way of improving your results was to "suggest" that the most challenging students might be better at the neighbouring school. Alternatively you could fix your admissions policy so that only the wealthy had a chance of getting in, or only allowing in particular middle class religious groups. This immediately improves your results. Success! 

Next we had "Free Schools" where you could create your own school and let in your chums. The average Joe is not going to get their child in there with the Eton style uniform and its high cost. Success!

With Academy Chains, it now seems that one way of improving your performance is to dump the most challenging schools. Results for the chain will immediately improve. Success!

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