Friday, 18 March 2016

Newsnight Tells Nick Gibb That The DfE is a Catastrophe

BBC NewsNight Policy Editor Chris Cook tells Schools Minister Nick Gibb, the Department of Education is a 'catastrophe'. Nick Gibb appeared on BBC Newsnight on 17/3/2016 to explain why it is essential to force all of England's schools to become Academies. Watch here and try not to punch your computer screen.

Presenter James O'Brien begins the interview with Nick Gibb as follows:
The last Labour government introduced Academy Status for schools that were adjudged to need it.
The Coalition government extended Academy Status to schools that really wanted it.
Your government is now imposing it on schools that neither need it, nor want it.

Nick Gibb replied with his usual. Pick any from the following:
Outstanding, empower, successful, liberate, reform, hard working, brilliant head teachers.

Try not to throw up or hurt anyone nearby.

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