Friday, 13 May 2016

Are YOU The Organ Grinder's Monkey?

Many Academies are having to cut costs due to budget constraints. To save money on any significant scale requires cuts to staffing. So is this an issue for all schools, or is it a particular issue for schools in a Multi Academy Trust (MAT)?
It is an issue where a MAT makes the decision to cut staffing and the individual Academy Headteacher has no say in the matter. Especially where the CEO is on a very high salary.

It is an issue where a MAT sacks all of its support staff and tells them they can apply for their old jobs but on a lower salary. What does that do for morale in an individual Academy?

It is clear to everyone that an individual Academy Headteacher no longer has any power. It undermines their authority, autonomy, and their job satisfaction.
It is an issue where the CEO (Lord Nash) can give his own unqualified daughter a job as a teacher in his own schools on no pay, and let her appoint staff and write the History curriculum for the qualified teachers. Will we be replacing all qualified teachers with freebies courtesy of the CEO's gene pool?

The issue is one of power and who makes the decisions.

If YOU are a Headteacher in a MAT, YOU are now the organ grinder's monkey.

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