Friday, 19 May 2017

DfE Thinks "The Thick of It" Is a Philosophy Manual

I have a feeling that the DfE and the Brexit department are not on the same page with planning the future workforce needs of the UK.

With immigration destined to reduce after Brexit, the sensible plan being expounded is to train our own young people in the skills that we are short of.

So to further this aim of being self-sufficient in technical skills, the DfE are increasing the number of Geography Teachers, and killing off Design and Technology Teaching (amongst other subjects).

At the current rate of progress with this EBacc programme, in 5 years time we will have to import skilled Technologists, Artists, Musicians etc from outside the UK, whilst our own young people who would love to have a job in these areas, will be qualified in GCSE Geography.


It takes real skill on behalf of the DfE to display this level of incompetence. "The Thick of It" is like a philosophy manual in comparison to the planning strategies of the DfE.

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