Friday, 26 May 2017

Education in a Banana Republic

There is a little known banana republic where dubious practices abound.

As a business man you can give large sums of money to the government, resulting in that government giving you a title or honour, and thereby enabling you to be appointed to a paid ministerial position.

The position you get as a minister is overseeing the area of public life where you run your own company, which takes money from the public purse to operate. As an unelected business man you are responsible for how £billions of public money is spent.

In a modern country you would be subject to the checks and balances of openness and publicly available accounts. But in this banana republic you can instruct your civil servants to keep financial dealings secret or if forced to reveal what is going on, can obfuscate or redact documents.

And the name of this banana republic?

The United Kingdom.

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