Wednesday, 31 May 2017

Will Sir David Carter Stop the Rot Spreading?

It is reported here that another Regional Schools Commissioner (RSC), Rebecca Clark, leaves the job to join an academy chain. This is the 6th RSC to leave the post since RSCs were created. Most of them have gone to work for academy chains that they were previously responsible for regulating.

The situation stinks.

The problem is that the Minister in charge of Academies bought his peerage and thereby his ministerial position. So he is highly unlikely to condemn others. It is a case of "follow my leader".

I feel concerned for any remaining RSCs. Any decision they make will be looked at with suspicion in case they are just lining themselves up for a big pay packet somewhere.

They say "the fish rots from the head". I cannot see anyone in a position of power who is able to cut out the rot. The gangrene is spreading, and we all know what happens if you don't deal with it quickly.

Sir David Carter should be making a statement on how we put a stop to this unsavoury practice, not least before he becomes a Chief without any Indians. If not Sir David Carter, who?

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