Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Predicting Our Educational Future

There is a lot of educational change on the horizon for English schools. What difference will it make to teachers, children, and standards. AssemblyTube gazes into her crystal ball.

  • The DfE will say "we make no apologies for blah rigour blah achievement blah standards blah ..."
  • Children will reproduce parrot fashion, the phrases they have learnt to put on the test papers.
  • Teachers will be accused of gaming the system.
  • PISA results will tell us that our standards of basic education have continued to fall when measured against countries that do not test their kids to destruction.
  • The teacher recruitment crisis will get worse and Nick Gibb will deny that there is any problem.
  • The head teacher unions will continue to make tiny ineffectual noises whilst their top members get large pay increases as MAT executives whilst waiting for their "good boy" peerages.
  • A new DfE friendly Head of OFSTED will be appointed to confirm that the government’s policies are all on track to making a "world class education system".

  • Nicky Morgan will announce the seventeenth review into teacher workload which will report in 2024.

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