Saturday, 13 February 2016

Should Teachers Be Like Cheap Wine?

My beef about the current fad for producing teachers super-fast is that I found it took me about 5 years of full time teaching before I became even a passable teacher. I did not realise this after one year of teaching, but looking back after 37 years in the job I don't believe most good graduates can achieve a good teaching standard without this length of experience.

When I contemplate the underlying philosophy of the DfE, that any graduate can become a teacher with little or no training, or experience, I know we are being led by adolescents. Teaching is an intellectual activity, but it is also a job requiring a high level of skill built up through much experience.

We should put in place a training system which treats teachers like a fine wine, that develops slowly, becoming rounded, and improving with time. We can all buy cheap, fast produced wine, with little subtlety and rough taste, but is that the model we aspire to in a high quality education system?

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