Friday, 12 February 2016

Under the Lens - Testing 4 Year Olds

A Better Education System?

We are constantly being told that we need to raise the standard of our education system to equal that of many countries in the Far East and Scandinavia.
We send out ministers, who come back with the latest wheeze that will transform learning, and boost ministers' chances of advancement up the greasy career pole.
Teachers are told to do this or that because they are useless when it comes to education, and ministers know best. (Independent schools of course do not have to follow any of these diktats).

Testing 4 Year Olds

So, how many of these high performing countries test their 4 year olds in order to provide a good education? - None!
Who thinks the tests for 4 year old are a good idea, apart from ministers? - The companies that are making lots of money out of creating tests! 
Where is there a teacher recruitment crisis? - The UK. 


The likely outcome of the tests is for calls to sack head teachers whose schools are judged below average when the 4 year olds get to age 11. In this way we will supposedly improve education in the UK.
As an aspiring teacher would you want to be part of this madness? Will there be any good teachers left in a few years time?

An Alternative

Maybe we would better improve our education system by investing in our teachers, encouraging able people to join the teaching profession, and allowing children to enjoy learning.

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