Tuesday, 29 March 2016

How Forced Academisation & Sell Off Was Always Gove's Plan

Michael Gove set up Policy Exchange with others in 2002. In 2009 Sam Freedman was Head of the Education Unit for Policy Exchange and he produced the report A Guide to School Choice Reforms.

Some of the current state of Academisation can be seen being planned in the summary of this report. It was always intended that Academisation would not be reversible; that Academies would have to join together; that commercial companies would start to take control; that power would be taken away from Local Authorities.

The next steps are to give control over Academies to private companies such as Serco, as Michael Gove states in this speech to Policy Exchange in 2010. Below is the full speech followed by a link to the point in the video where he explains how companies can own schools.

All of this has been in the public domain. However, the government did not inform the public of these plans. To keep the public in the dark they had to demonise teachers to discredit any opposition. Mr Gove and Policy Exchange never wanted the public to fully understand what was being planned. The intention all along was to get the system into such a mess that the plans were irreversible. Now we have the mess, and the public don't like it. If the public eventually realise that this mess was planned, Michael Gove and his Policy Exchange cronies might get their just rewards.

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