Wednesday, 30 March 2016

unBritish Values

We hear a lot about British Values. I guess the opposite of British Values would be unBritish Values.Not sure what unBritish Values are? Well here are some examples.

unBritish Value - Non Democracy. Lord Nash bought his peerage, runs academies with no parent governors & is Academies Minister
unBritish Value - Not Rule of Law. Academy chains claim non profit making. BUT Huge CEO salaries, reserves of £2.5billion taken from British Taxpayers.
unBritish Value - Not Liberty. Schools join MATs and the parents & governing body lose all powers. Once in a MAT the school ceases to exist and cannot leave the MAT ever! The Secretary of State for Education can move the ex-school to any MAT of his/her choice.
unBritish Value - Not Tolerance. Academy Chains exclude less able students to boost results.
unBritish Value - Not Respect. The government plans to force ALL schools to become Academies by 2020 despite 80% of primary schools not wanting to be Academies.

Perhaps you know of more unBritish Values. Let us know.

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