Monday, 8 May 2017

Teaching's Lost Compass

We seem to be moving towards the concept that teachers have to be researchers.
We all have to be researching the silver bullet.


The new Chartered College of Teaching seems to be majoring on the idea of giving teachers access to oodles of research papers. As if giving teachers lots of data will turn them into super teachers.

Teaching is a complex business.
How many lessons have you watched where all the boxes were ticked but the lesson was not good?

Somewhere along the way the profession has jumped on a treadmill that it cannot get off. Our only response is "go faster". Never mind the direction, "just go faster".

It seems safer to just go along with current fad. Prove your management skill by making your staff go faster.

We need direction, but who can provide it?

I recall a science lesson where a year 7 student told me that a compass always pointed forward.

The teaching profession needs a compass, but also the ability to use it properly.

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