Monday, 8 May 2017

Is the Future a Sky Education Subscription?

Is the school transfer market becoming like that of the football league?

Will outstanding schools wanting to join a chain, start to employ their own agents to obtain the best deal?

We already have rich sponsors owning MATs just like they own football clubs.
Super managers like Regional Schools Commissioners are being bought up by MATs (50% of RSCs so far).
Poorer performing schools are relegated so that no MAT wants to buy them.

All the money in "the game" is gravitating to the top and little money is left for grass roots education.
The poorer teams are left with part time professionals called teaching assistants. The richer clubs have season ticket "requests" and expensive uniforms which exclude poorer families who find it a struggle to purchase them.

Rupert Murdoch changed football with Sky TV sponsorship.

Michael Gove is back in Rupert's arms, so how long before English Education becomes part of "the glorious game"?

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